Saturday, 13th September, the biggest French electronic music comes back in the streets of Paris.


The second-biggest free outdoor musical event in France (after the Fête de la Musique), the Techno parade began as a protest against the government’s repression (organized by Charles Pasqua, former minister of Police) of electronic music when it became popular in France in the early ’90s. Only in 1998 did its prime supporter, the Technopol, an association supporting electronic music, persuade the government to recognize it as a musical culture.

For this 2014 edition, Vietnam is in favour of the Techno Parade. The Vietnamese DJs, DJ Jin, Slo-Loand DJ Jase, and the Franco-Vietnamese DJs, Tha Trickaz, Dj Yellow and Nick V will make you dance all day long on their own float.

300 000 people are expected to dance and spread the Techno Parade’s slogan: freedom, diversity, rhythmicity.

Dirtyphonics, symbol of music style fusion, mixing dubstep, drum’n’bass electro and rock, had been selected by Technopol as the musical godfather of the parade this year.

Meeting at place de la Nation at noon.

Vietnamese artists will perform 20th september at Petit Bain (Paris 13)


Dream Nation after Techno Parade

In continuity of the Techno Parade, the Dream Nation after party at the docks of Paris will continue all night long with 30 French and international artists split up into 4 floors.

Paris Electronic Week

From 18th to 28th September, Technopol present the Paris Electronic Week: 10 days of live and professional meeting about electronic music work in different place of Paris. In headline, the new Bernard Szajner’s original creation.



Tommy Vaudecrane – Chairman
Bruno Asselin – Director of Production
Christophe Vix-Gras – Project Manager
Aude Baduel – Communication and Partnership Manager

Tel. : +33(0)1 53 36 04 19
Email : technoparade(at)technopol(point)net

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