Techno Parade is an international event devoted to electronic movement, culture & music since 1998.
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Techno Parade – Renewal Act #1

A new era is coming…


Saturday the 15th of september, Techno Parade takes the streets of Paris and promotes the “Renew’all” concept. 2012 means a world’s end or rather the beginning of a new era!

The 2012 edition of Techno Parade will be more creative and audacious than before to make the first act of this new cycle a reality.

The 2012 Patron – Agoria, an artist favoured by international critics, touring several European festivals during this summer was a co-foundator of the Nuits Sonores festival in Lyon and of the Infiné label (a true breeding-ground for fresh Electronic talents). Agoria embodies the artistic renewal in the Techno Parade series.

The guest of honor – Morocco’s float is an invitation to an oriental journey filled with colours and flavours between tradition and modernism. The Affichéo collective has selected an efficient line-up of moroccan artists ready to shake the parisian crowd.

RENEW – the 2 official Techno Parade nights – An exceptional venue is opening its doors to RENEW: the Grande Halle de la Villette. Dubstep and electro artists and DJs will perform there to celebrate Techno Parade closing event. A second RENEW night supported by Agoria will take place at Show-Case with a exquisite line-up.

Cultural Week of Techno Parade – As an introduction to Techno Parade, the Cultural Week offers the opportunity to explore actions powered by Technopol in the electronic field.  Come discover “Frontiers”, a premiere live opening at Centre Georges Pompidou and at Centre des Arts d’Enghiens-les-Bains…Come discover a programme of debates, conferences and master-class during the Cultural Week.

Mixcloud DJ Contest – For the first time, Techno Parade organises a DJ contest. The winner will take part in the RENEW line-up at Grande Halle de la Villette!


End of the 5th sun in the Aztec calendar…

End of the 13th Baktun in a Mayan calendar…

End of the 4th World for Hopi and Navajo Indians…

End of a Kali Yuga period in the Hindu mythology…

The RENEW’ALL theme is bringing together the concept of renewal in Techno Parade street-festival with the end times myths. In several civilizations, doomsday predictions were made for 2012.  However, those same prophecies often mention the beginning of a new era coming after a potential destruction of the previous world. The RENEW’ALL theme has been developed to follow that line.

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